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Press Release

Milwaukee’s First Minority Health Film Festival Kicks off Today

Sponsor Dohmen Company Foundation Encourages All To Attend This Impactful Event

By Carole Pfeil

Milwaukee, WI. Sept. 12, 2019 – The first Minority Health Film Festival to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin kicks off today, and will be held through September 15. The Milwaukee-based Dohmen Company Foundation chose to sponsor the festival because it features unique film selections, community forums, and an interactive health fair providing the latest information about improving the health statuses of minority populations, said Foundation President, Dale Mittelstaedt. “It’s a subject of great importance for all and we applaud the Minority Health Film Festival, Milwaukee Film and this community for pulling together this event to inspire, educate, and further conversations around the health crisis facing the racial and ethnic minority populations in our Milwaukee communities. We encourage all to visit today for tickets and more information.”

Mittelstaedt said the event includes eight feature films throughout the three day event. He added that Dohmen chose to sponsor the film, “A Touch of Sugar,” because it dives into the Diabetes healthcare epidemic. “According to the American Diabetes Association approximately 40% of people in Milwaukee are at high risk for developing diabetes, which is 14% higher than the WI average,” adds Mittelstaedt. “Our foundation’s vision is creating equitable access to a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience. We see an equity gap not just in Milwaukee, but in distressed communities throughout the U.S. We are focused on making a real difference in closing that gap by working on preventative health initiatives that can stop--and in many cases reverse--life-style related diseases.”

The “Touch of Sugar” film will be shown Saturday, September 14, at 4 pm at the historic Oriental Theatre, located at 2230 North Farwell Avenue, on Milwaukee's East side. The Dohmen Company Foundation asks that you join this worthwhile effort to help transform your health, the health of others and the health of our communities in Milwaukee. Visit for tickets and more information, and we hope to see you at the Milwaukee Minority Health Film Festival.

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