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We catalyze systemic change.

We started the Dohmen Company Foundation in 2008 as a way to help people live healthier lives, granting over $23 million across a decade. Over that time, we learned that we wanted to do more to drive systemic change. 

In an effort to operationalize and increase our impact and social return, we transformed our business into a philanthropic enterprise. We are now uniquely structured to create solutions that change behavior at both the individual and health system levels, and to achieve self-sustained funding through the profits of social businesses built to support our mission.

Our Solutions

All in pursuit of our vision of life without diet-related disease.

We operate a social business, The Food Benefit Co. that contributes 100% of its profits to the Dohmen Company Foundation. Then the Dohmen Company Foundation invests in proven ways to prevent and reverse diet-related disease via charitable partners with an aligned mission.

Food For Health

Food For Health was made possible through a transformational evolution of The Dohmen Company Foundation to create a non-profit social enterprise to realize a vision of creating equitable access to healthy and happy lives through the power of food.

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The Food Benefit Co.

This social business is committed to strengthening employee & employers well-being with an integrated food and lifestyle benefit.

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Our philanthropic mission is to invest in proven ways to prevent and reverse diet-related disease.