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We believe in the power of food to fuel health.

The Food For Health charitable service program helps individuals reduce and reverse the negative health impacts of chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Participants gain knowledge and skills that help them adjust how they eat, move, and rest in order to feel their best and take charge of their health in measurable and achievable ways.

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Daily habits, food, and activities have an immediate impact on health and quality of life.

Food For Health program participants have achieved notable improvements in their health indicators, including weight loss, reductions in blood glucose and HbA1c, blood pressure reduction, and other positive health outcomes. We offer each participant access to medically-tailored meals plus a coaching program designed expressly to support their unique health needs.

A key component of the Food For Health program is the medically tailored prepared meals that are delivered to participants' homes. Each meal is designed by a dietician + chef team to maximize flavor and optimal nutrition. The meal program, in concert with licensed dietitians and nurses functioning in the role of health coaches for each participant, ensure each participant reaps the maximum benefit from the program, and walks through each guided step back to better health.

Food For Health Success Stories

Anthony's Story

Anthony began the Food For Health program at 227 pounds, with hypertensive blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. After 23 weeks in the program, he achieved significant reductions in his blood sugar, transitioned to a healthy range of blood pressure, and reduced his weight by 20%. Based on his experience with the program, he sends his compliments to the chef.

"I want to enjoy life, and I believe with this program, and a little push, I can do all these things that I want to do and keep doing." -Anthony (Food For Health Participant)

Anthony: Oh, just open this door. Come in.

Sara: Hey, Anthony. How are you?

Anthony: Oh, hi. It's cold, so come on in.

Sara: Yeah. How's it going? Oh, it smells good!

Anthony: Thank you. Well, it's a little bit warmer in here, I hope.

Anthony: My name is Anthony Romano. I'm 64 and a half years old. I've been in this program for, I believe now 10 weeks.

Sara: When we initially met, his blood pressure was in the hypertensive range. He gets his exercise and all was good about reporting his weight and blood pressure each week.

Sara: And you were saying yesterday, you liked the one, was it the one with the onions?

Anthony: Yes.

Sara: Okay.

Anthony: It was like a square type-

Sara: Yes.

Anthony: And it was really good.

Sara: And it had the little Mandarin orange.

Anthony: Yes. [inaudible].

Sara: Delicious.

Anthony: And the red pepper on top, which was tasteful. Every single one of these meals, I've enjoyed. Give the chef compliments because, such a variety is really good. If he would open up a restaurant, I would go to that restaurant.

Sara: I've worked with Anthony now about 10 weeks. He's done some amazing things. It's really been exciting to see it go in the right direction.

Sara: Roll that sleeve up. Be flat on the floor. All right, happy thoughts.

Sara: Some great numbers, Anthony, keep it up.

Anthony: I want to enjoy life, and I believe this program and with the little push, I can do all these things that I want to do and keep on doing.

Anthony: If someone cares enough for me, I'm going to do the same thing back.

In Their Own Words

Participant T.O. lost 15 pounds, her HbA1C was reduced from 6.8 to 6.5, and she lost 6.5 inches around her waist. Her baseline blood pressure was 124/90 at the beginning of the program. 21 weeks later her blood pressure was 112/78. And she noticed more energy, more mental clarity and less swelling from her lymphedema.

In T.O.'s Words

"I had my blood work done yesterday & woke up to 2 phone calls this morning. One from my doctor and the other from my endocrinologist. My A1C went from 6.8 to 6.5. Yay! I have a ways to go but due to you and the program, this is really helping me!"

Participant D.K. lost 13.6 pounds since starting the program. Her baseline blood sugars were 138, and after 4 months eating the program's meals and embracing the health coaching, her blood sugar was 94. Her baseline blood pressure was 133/52 and improved to 120/54, which brought her out of the hypertensive range.

In D.K.'s Words

"I’m making better choices all around. Eating more fruits and veggies as snacks than ever before. I am so proud of myself. I had coupons for Lays Chips and Tostitos, and I gave them to a customer when I was at the store. Morning blood sugars have not been this low in quite some time."

Participant S.C.’s doctor was pleasantly surprised when her HbA1C was cut in half and reduced from 14 to 7.2 over the course of one year. She also lost 19 pounds since the start of this program. Her baseline blood pressure was 144/103 and improved to 133/89. Her baseline blood sugars also improved from 195 to 121.

In the Doctor's Words

"I was pleasantly surprised that she lost almost 20 pounds and dropped her baseline blood pressure to 133/89."