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Our Vision

Life Without
Diet-Related Disease.

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The Problem

The current healthcare system is broken.

Today, the American healthcare system is expensive, ineffective, inequitable, and inaccessible to millions of Americans.

85% Spent On Chronic Health Conditions

Over 85% of the near $4 trillion the US spends on healthcare is attributed to chronic diseases, most of which are preventable.

More than 868,000 Americans die of heart disease or stroke every year

That’s one-third of all deaths, costing our health care system $214 billion per year and causing $138 billion in lost productivity on the job.
Dietary risks
Tobacco smoking
High blood pressure
High body mass index
Zero to low physical activity
High fasting plasma glucose
High total cholesterol
Ambient particulate matter pollution
Alcohol use
Drug use
Lead exposure
Occupational risks
Low bone marrow density
Residential radon
Ambient ozone pollution
Intimate partner violence
Childhood sexual abuse

Food is the #1 cause of poor health in our country.

1 in 5 deaths in America are caused by dietary risks. While food is a primary cause of disease, it can also be the solution to disease prevention.

Solving the Problem

The answer is surprisingly simple.

It's food. The very thing that's making us sick, can become our prescription to health. Accessibility to fresh, whole, unprocessed, delicious food. Not a surgical intervention, not a drug - just the right food.

Our Solutions

As a foundation owned, Philanthropic Enterprise, Dohmen uses three unique tools to advance our vision of life without diet-related disease.

Our Giving

Investing in proven ways to prevent and reverse diet-related disease via charitable partners with an aligned mission

The Food Benefit Co.

Enhancing and strengthening employee & employer well-being with an integrated food and lifestyle benefit

Food For Health

Program providing food-focused medical intervention