Our Impact

Our Giving Philosophy

We invest in food programs proven to regain and preserve American health.

We measure our impact in terms of social return, achieved by investing in healthy people, powering healthy communities. We live our values and operate in service to our vision. We have built a commercial portfolio to further the mission directly through our social businesses’ missions, services, and profits.


Our Philanthropic Platform

  • We invest in nonprofits by identifying and engaging strong, like-minded partners.

  • We scale impact by amplifying best practices to achieve social impact.

  • We adapt to improve by being flexible and learning through feedback and iteration.

  • We leverage all of our assets by deploying financial, human, and operational capital to achieve the greatest possible impact.

How We Grant

We are committed to supporting initiatives, programs, and organizations that improve the health of people and communities.

In 2021, our grant-making targets investments that use food as a tool for transformational change for healthy lives and communities where there is alignment to scale best practices, build capacity, and normalize the concept of food is medicine.

  • Grant applications are accepted by invitation; however, Dohmen Company Foundation considers each request that is received which aligns with our giving philosophy. Grants are made to 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations or eligible fiscal sponsor. Contact us for more information.

Specific focus areas include:

  • Food is medicine: Support or provide food as medicine as a primary health intervention to prevent, manage, reverse, and treat illness.

  • Community food initiatives: Increase or provide equitable access to healthy food sources, nutrition education, and healthy eating models.