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Press Release

Dohmen Acquires Cooked, a National Fresh Meal Delivery Company

Provides Scale to Deliver Thousands of Fresh, Healthy Meals Across the U.S.

By Kathy Koshgarian

Milwaukee, WI. February 18, 2020 – CEO Cynthia (Dohmen) LaConte announced today that Dohmen has acquired Chicago-based Cooked, a healthy meal preparation company delivering thousands of meals across the United States each week.

“We are on a mission to revitalize people and communities using food as the primary intervention, “ said foundation President Dale Mittelstaedt. “By acquiring Cooked, we now have the scale, reach and operational expertise to take another step closer to the launch of our comprehensive offering focused on prevention of illness, with healthy food choices at the core. Cooked provides a key element because it has successfully operationalized healthy food production, proprietary packaging and delivery of fresh meals (rather than frozen) across the nation.”

“The US healthcare spend is projected to top $4 trillion this year – more than any other country – yet year after year we are getting sicker. Nearly 80% of that is spent treating diseases that can be prevented by making better lifestyle choices.” LaConte said, “Heart disease has become the leading cause of death with 650,000 people with that diagnosis dying annually in the U.S. The obesity rate has reached historic heights; and diabetes has increased 700% over the last 30 years. The connection to our nation’s consumption of fat, sugar and salt and the rising incidence of preventable disease is a problem. Our goal is to define a new way of delivering health using non-processed, whole and healthy foods as a solution. ”

Cooked Founder Chef Jona Silva says his team is in complete alignment to provide healthy food options while working to close the wage & wealth gaps in underserved communities. “That’s been Cooked’s focus as well. We want to be part of Dohmen’s larger effort to change the food culture while finding ways to empower others to live their best lives,” said Silva.

“Change is possible,” said LaConte. After all, 30-years ago—before the advent of processed convenience foods - we ate whole foods and lived a more active lifestyle. Obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases were the exception rather than the rule. A return to healthy food is the most effective and efficient way to evoke change and improve our overall health as individuals and communities. Health is a human right - that’s why we are motivated to be part of the solution. As a foundation owned enterprise with generations of healthcare experience, we believe we’re in a unique position to bring that solution to market,” concludes LaConte.

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