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Press Release

Longtime Philanthropist Dr. Adel Korkor Takes Philanthropy to the Next Level

Contributes S-Corp to Philanthropic Enterprise to Achieve Greatest Social Impact

By Kathy Koshgarian

Milwaukee, WI. January 7, 2020 – CEO Cynthia (Dohmen) LaConte announced today that company founder and philanthropist Dr. Adel Korkor has gifted Salus Corporate Wellness (an S-corporation) to the Dohmen Company Foundation.

“Impacting society is not easy, but it can be done,” said retired nephrologist, Adel Kokor M.D. “I founded Salus to help individuals make healthy lifestyle changes, improving quality of life and lowering the cost of healthcare for employees and the companies they serve. I believe in Dohmen’s effort to shift the nation’s health focus from treatment to prevention, and I feel strongly that by donating Salus to Dohmen, we’ll make the greatest societal impact together.”

Dr. Korkor has been a passionate advocate of achieving improved mental health through exercise. He founded the Five Fifty Fifty Run / Walk series which holds 5K races annually, in which he personally participates in. His idea of running a 5K race in all 50 states in 50 days is a way to create a movement that will spread from one coast to the other, one state at a time. For more information about the Five Fifty Fifty Run / Walk visit

“Dr. Korkor is not only known in all 50 states as a long-standing philanthropist in the traditional sense, he is also a visionary,” said LaConte. “By contributing his company to a philanthropic enterprise, he is pioneering a new model. His expertise in preventive health is scientific and springs from his impressive lived experience. We are also very honored to have him join us in a strategic advisory role as we continue to build Dohmen’s comprehensive preventative health offering.”

LaConte said she is hopeful that other company owners will consider following in Dr. Korkor’s footsteps, “There is no better way to augment a company’s legacy and impact, than to contribute it to a greater cause,” said LaConte.

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