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Press Release

Salus Corporate Wellness Joins Dohmen

Brings the Philanthropic Enterprise a Step Closer to Completing It’s Food-at-the-Core Offering to Revitalize People and Communities

By Kathy Koshgarian

Milwaukee, WI. January 7, 2020 — CEO Cynthia (Dohmen) LaConte announced today that Salus Corporate Wellness (an S-corporation) has been donated by Dr. Adel Korkor to the Dohmen Company Foundation. LaConte said the addition of Salus—a provider of corporate wellness solutions that focus on lifestyle changes—brings Dohmen one-step closer to completing its comprehensive offering intended to shift the nations’s health paradigm from treatment to prevention.

“The addition of Salus provides Dohmen the ability to overlay clinical rigor to the creation of personal health plans including the assessment of baseline health via biometrics, the setting of personal health goals and the ongoing adjustment of those goals based on a personalized feedback loop,” said LaConte. “These are important adds to our preventive health offering.”

LaConte said Dr. Korkor will serve as a strategic advisor and all employees will remain onboard. “The Salus team brings a shared passion for disease prevention by focusing on whole person health,” said LaConte. “They’re a great fit because Salus’ success metrics provide quantifiable proof points surrounding our premise that flipping benefit spend from treatment to prevention has both economic as well as social return on investment for employers and their employees. On average Salus’ client companies experience a 28 percent reduction in sick days, a 26 percent reduction in health costs, and a 30 percent reduction in workers’ comp and disability management claims.”

“This is the message we want to make clear,” said LaConte. “Our nation’s health crisis will not be solved solely through improved access to insurance or lowered treatment costs. Our country is trapped in a cycle of overconsumption of low nutrient, high calorie foods, which leads to preventable diseases and overconsumption of medical treatments to alleviate the symptoms of those diseases. Estimates are that between 70 and 85% of our near four trillion dollar annual healthcare spend is used to treat lifestyle related diseases that are entirely preventable”

LaConte said the World Health Organization estimates that more than 80% of annual deaths are caused by preventable illnesses, including cardiovascular diseases, some forms of cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes. “That’s why our solution focuses on the two most aligned constituents in the healthcare ecosystem – employers and employees. Employees want to be empowered with a happy and healthy life, and employers want happy and healthy employees,” concludes LaConte.