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Press Release

The Dohmen Company Foundation Purchases Historic Fein Brothers Building

Dohmen moves headquarters from Milwaukee’s Third Ward to Bronzeville

By Kyle Cherek

Milwaukee, WI. Dec. 10, 2020 — The Dohmen Company Foundation has purchased the former Fein Brothers Building at 2007 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive for its future headquarters. The foundation plans to move into the building in 2021 following a significant renovation to restore the nearly 34,000-square-foot building back to its original beauty.

“This is the perfect location for us for many reasons,” says Kathy Koshgarian, President and Chief Operating Officer, “Dohmen has called Milwaukee home for the past 162 years, so we’re honored to be able to preserve an iconic piece of Milwaukee’s rich architectural history and to become part of a vibrant community like Bronzeville. We’re also very much looking forward to collaborating with our new neighbors to realize our vision of healthy communities powered by healthy people.”

The new space will serve a dual purpose as both Dohmen’s new organizational headquarters as well as the home of its Food For Health program. Food For Health is a program designed to use medically tailored meals to reverse chronic disease, and is currently in beta with Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative.

“Close to 80% of our $3.6 trillion annual healthcare spend in this country is spent treating chronic disease that is entirely preventable; and the trend line is going the wrong direction, with rising rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity,” Koshgarian says. “We believe the way to course correct is to allocate more dollars to preventive interventions like food, rather than allowing people to develop health problems requiring expensive medical treatment.”

With nearly 20 years of health care experience, almost 10 of those with Dohmen, Koshgarian brings unique insight to her new leadership role. “I can personally attest to the power of addressing chronic health issues with food and lifestyle changes,” she says. “I’ve seen the results first hand. I’m proud to lead an organization that sees the importance of empowering all people with the tools they need to lead a healthy life, because healthy communities are powered by healthy people.”

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